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Thyroid hormones are usually used for life after thyroid surgeries.  Since the thyroid tissue is completely removed, the hormone to meet the body's needs is replaced from the outside of the body.

Generally 50-75 mg of levothyroxine is started and adjusted according to hormone tests afterwards.

In cases in which the pathology result is reported late, the thyroid hormone is immediately started at low doses.  The thyroid hormone is started at early stage after the surgery because thyroid hormone deficiency causes weakness, fatigue, hair loss, gaining weight.

In cases in which the pathology result is reported within a week, it is appropriate to start the drug after the result.  In thyroid carcinoma cases, some patients need radioactive idoine therapy, because of that the physician who follows up the thyroid functions should decide whether to start or discontinue the thyroid hormone.

The medication thyroid replacement hormones is not harmful since they are replacing missing hormones.  The thyroid hormone should be taken in the morning, before breakfast, as a single dose with water without crushing.

The patients using other medications should take these drugs at least 4-5 hours after the thyroid hormone is taken.  The drug should not be taken on the day of the hormone test.

The doses of the medication should not be changed for 8 weeks and at least 6-8 weeks later the dose change should be controlled.

After the surgery, first control examination is performed after the pathology result is reported.  Thyroid hormone replacement therapy is started when the patient is discharged.  After the pathology result, hormone test is ordered to adjust the dose.

Dose adjustment control is performed 2 months later.  Then, 3rd or 6th month controls are performed periodically according to the patient's condition.  Once the drug dosage has been adjusted, annual controls are performed.

If a patient has complains of malaise, fatigue, palpitations, s/he should visit for control earlier.