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Parathormone / Calcium / Vitamin D 

There is a very delicate balance between PTH, calcium and vitamin D in the body.  If they are less or excessive, metabolic disorders occur.  Excessive secretion of PTH hormone increases serum calcium levels, which in turn causes bone loss. Both calcium deficiency and high levels of calcium cause osteoporosis (bone loss).

Vitamin D is actually considered as a hormone.  It helps calcium that is received by foods to be absorbed in the gut.  It prevents the excessive secretion of PTH hormone.  It strengthens the immune system.  It is very important for the health of bones and muscles to be in balance. In our country, vitamin D deficiency is very common especially in women.

In order to regulate calcium balance in vitamin D deficiency, the parathyroid glands secrete excessisve amount of hormones, and thus the levels of calcium elevate and the parathyroid glands enlarge. There is no need for surgery in such a condition, but it is necessary to diagnose the disease by assessing very well.

Most of the bones are composed of calcium and considered as calcium deposits.  This balance disorder cause the transfer of calcium from bone, resulting in bone loss.  This happens in a very delicate balance.

If vitamin D level is 30 ng/mL, it is considered to be sufficient. If the level is less than 10 ng/ml, it indicates severe D vitamin deficiency.