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Hypothyroidism can cause very different complaints, but these subjective complaints can also be seen in other diseases.  Patients should be carefully questioned during taking their anamnesis, and it should be tried to understood whether these complaints are really related to hypothyroidism or not.

Malaise, fatigue, joint pain, gaining weight, skin dryness, hair loss, matted hair, feeling cold, constipation, infertility, depression, perceptual disorder and change in voice (coarse voice/hoarseness) are the signs of hypothyroidism. Dry skin, bradycardia, coarse voice, slow reflexes, oedema around the eyes and on feet are significant findings of hypothyroidism encountered during the examination.

Gaining weight and inability to lose weight are very common complaints. The patient's nutrition habit should be learnt and these complaints should be investigated whether they are related to hypothyroidism or not.