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The benign masses of adrenal glands are called as "adrenal adenomas".  Adrenal adenomas can secrete hormones, but 70% of them do not secrete hormones.

Aldosterone producing adrenal tumors

  • These tumors are usually small and benign.
  • These tumors are called as adrenal adenomas or suprarenal adenomas.
  • Headache, muscle weakness, hypertension, drinking too much water, frequent urination
  • In patients, aldosterone level is found to be high, sodium level is found to be high, potassium level is found to be low.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose, after detailed examination of long term hypertensive patients, a tumor that secretes aldosterone is detected to be the cause.
  • The treatment is the removal of the adrenal gland with tumor.
  • Nowadays, the surgeries are performed laparoscopically.

Cortisone-secreting adrenal tumors

  • The signs of cortisone secretion is generally very typical.
  • Fattening in the back area, hypertension, cracks in red-violet color in many parts of the body, irregular menstruation, blood sugar imbalance, hairing, moon face and rash, depression, hair loss, large acnes and bone loss are among the findings.
  • The treatment is to remove the diseased tissue.
  • In some patients, both adrenal glands enlarge and release cortisol by the stimulation of a tumor in pituitary gland.  Both adrenal glands enlarge in this disease.  The treatment is surgery for pituitary gland or irradiation.  If patient's disease does not respond to these treatments, both adrenal glands are removed.

Adrenalin-secreting adrenal tumors

  • They are called as "pheochromocytoma".
  • Headache, hypertension, diabetes, palpitation, sweating, chest pain, weight loss are among the signs.
  • Blood pressure can elevate to 30
  • 10% of them are genetic and the disease is localized in both adrenal glands.
  • Its diagnosis and treatment are very specific.
  • There is special preparation before its surgery.  Special medications are used to control the blood pressure.
  • Very serious precautions are taken against hypertensive crisis during the surgery.